why a boardinghouse?

A boardinghouse is a very modern form of accommodation, which - unlike a hotel - is designed to give you a more homely ambience. Let’s just say a home from home. Hotel rooms can be impersonal and are often not homely enough for people who are away from home over longer periods for professional reasons. In addition, a boardinghouse is cheaper than a hotel or guesthouse.

what is a boardinghouse?

Fully furnished apartments offering a limited range of hotel services - that is how you can imagine a boardinghouse. The rental period can be anywhere between one day and several weeks. The difference to a holiday flat is that the services provided include weekly cleaning, regular changes of towels and bed linen, and mail distribution. A boardinghouse offers a temporary home for business travellers, newcomers, or people attending training courses.

The main feature of a boardinghouse is its homeliness. Compared to a hotel stay, the focus is on privacy and living “in your own space”. 

*Fully furnished: the guest immediately feels at home  
*Self-catering with kitchen/kitchenette 
*Flexible, as it can be booked spontaneously 
*Cost savings compared to a hotel 
*Convenient: services available

what advantages does a boardinghouse offer you?

who are the target customers of a boardinghouse?

A boardinghouse is mainly aimed at people who are in a new place for a period of one to several weeks for professional reasons.

Their needs are different from those of a normal tourist. It is important for them to be able to cook for themselves and to decide for themselves which services they wish to use. People who are staying in one place for longish periods of time like to be independent and also like to keep an eye on costs.

*Business travellers: Fitters, trade fair workers, people working on short-term projects 
*Stays abroad 
*Newcomers needing temporary accommodation 
*Participants on courses and training programmes 
*Digital nomads