House Rules Weekly Lohr


Smoking in the house

In the interest of all guests, you are staying in a "non-smoking hotel". Smoking is prohibited in all rooms. Smoking on the balcony/terrace is possible with the use of the ashtrays provided. Please ensure that balcony doors and windows are closed. We kindly ask you to comply with this regulation. In case of violations we reserve the right to charge a special cleaning fee of € 250,- and/or to cancel your accommodation contract immediately.


Every guest must behave quietly and appropriately in the house. Corridors and public areas are not central meeting places - here, too, quiet is to be maintained in the interest of other guests and noise disturbances exceeding room volume are to be strictly avoided. A night's rest must be observed from 22pm onwards. Non-compliance may lead to termination of your contract without notice.

Corona rules Bavaria

Please observe the contact restrictions. Occupying a flat with two guests from different households is not possible at the moment due to Corona restrictions. A maximum of people from two households are allowed at one table.

Cleanliness / use of the flat

Your flat will be cleaned once a week (incl. fresh bed linen and towels). We ask you to treat the  property with care and respect. Please avoid heavy soiling in the house and in your flat. In case of heavy soiling caused by you, we reserve the right to carry out a special cleaning for a fee.


The technology, equipment and sanitary facilities are to be treated with care and left in perfect condition. In the event of wilful destruction, vandalism, heavy soiling that can no longer be cleaned, or improper operation of equipment and fittings, 100% of the cost of replacement will be charged.


Barbecuing on the terrace / balcony is strictly prohibited. Please note that all rooms are equipped with highly sensitive smoke detectors. Avoid smoke and water vapour in the flat. Smoke detectors must not be removed or covered. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges. You are putting the lives of other guests at risk. All corridors and staircases are escape routes which must not be obstructed with objects.


Parking in the underground car park is possible for a fee (10,- Euro/day). The driveway must be kept clear, as it is a fire brigade access road. Washing or repairing vehicles is not permitted on the entire premises.


The washing and drying of laundry in the flats is to be avoided. Washing machines and dryers (racks) are available in the laundry room for this purpose.

Waste disposal

Rubbish bins are available in the car parks, please dispose of your rubbish here:
black bin for household waste (please tie the bin liner) and blue bin for paper waste.