what to do in your leisure time in lohr


Located in the heart of Lohr, the weekly is the ideal starting point for your professional projects or from which to explore the Spessart forest – whether you prefer to travel on foot, by bike or e-bike, or by car or public transport. Hiking through the seemingly endless forests is a real experience. There are countless designated cycle paths, and you can quickly reach various impressive castles and museums by car. And then what could be better than just to sit down with a drink on the banks of the River Main and watch the world go by - or simply enjoy the picturesque landscape? And if all that doesn't interest you, then you'll find lots of nice shops in Lohr, as well as traditional Franconian restaurants, and lively bars with the latest drinks. Take your pick!  

Lohr am Main


The first documented reference to Lohr dates back to 1296. Until 1559, Lohr was the seat of the Counts of Rieneck. From then until 1801 it fell under the jurisdiction of the Prince Electors of Mainz. In 1814 it became part of the kingdom of Bavaria. It has remained part of Bavaria ever since. But the people of Lohr prefer to think of Lohr as being “Franconian” and part of the “Spessart”.

With its many beautiful half-timbered houses and its typical Franconian flair, Lohr is always worth a visit.

Home to Snow White


It’s a fairytale town - because Lohr is supposedly the birthplace of Snow White and thus the origin of Grimms’ fairytale “Snow White and the seven dwarves”.

Very few people know where Snow White lived, or is supposed to have lived. But there’s a grain of truth in every fairy tale, and that goes for the legend of Snow White, too.  

And there is all sorts to suggest that Lohr really was the setting for this story: Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina, Freifräulein von Erthal, alias Snow White, was born in the castle and did actually have a stepmother who was known to be vain and wicked. And her “talking” mirror still hangs in Lohr Castle today. 

castles and museums


Other highlights of the Spessart forest are its beautiful castles. Today, their impressive architecture and the museums housed in these cultural monuments attract tourists from all over the world, allowing them to travel back in time for an insight into bygone times in the Spessart region. Every one of these well-maintained historical gems is within easy reach and well worth a visit. 

The Spessart forest and region


The Spessart forest that surrounds the historic half-timbered town of Lohr is rightly considered to be one of Germany's most important nature parks, with its scenic forests and meadows covering a total of around 2075 km², its fascinating flora and fauna, and its pleasant, health-promoting climate and clean fresh air. A seemingly endless number of trails makes it a paradise for cyclists and hikers. 

getting around by bike and e-bike


Lohr and the surrounding area are cycling country. Countless signposted cycle paths offer a network of exciting tours. 

The Spessart and the River Main - an area just made for extended cycling tours, whether you want to take your time and enjoy nature and the countryside as you go, or hit the trail for an ambitious mountain bike challenge. Specially created, well-signposted cycle paths along the banks of the Main offer varied routes for the whole family, and otherwise there are technically demanding single trails and mountainous routes for real mountain bike freaks in the Spessart forest around Lohr.



A prolific network of some 4350 km of long-distance and circular walking tours and forest inns in the region make the weekly lohr an ideal starting point for long hikes through the countryside.

Hikers particularly appreciate the charming interplay of unspoilt woodland, bubbling brooks and streams meandering their way down through the valleys, enchanting villages, and cultural highlights. Forest inns and taverns along the way provide the necessary refreshments to sustain you on long hikes to many of the destinations.

Lohr also offers a range of guided hikes on forest nature trails, walks with the focus on birdsong or wayside herbs, or special circular tours that will take you past some of the sights of the Spessart. 

out and about by car


Outlet shopping, city tours, or culture, castles and museums.

With its central location between Würzburg and Frankfurt, Lohr offers an ideal starting point for excursions by car.

The extensive range of cultural events on offer, the castles and palaces, or simply the nearest town for an extended shopping trip - all these are popular destinations.  

But just the drive to get there can also be an experience, taking you through an idyllic landscape, past picturesque little villages, and lush green forests. Hikers can drive to one of the numerous forest car parks, from where beautiful hiking trails criss-cross the Spessart.

boat trips on the River Main


It is not for nothing that the River Main is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Germany. Where other rivers are forced into dead-straight riverbeds, the Main makes its own way, meandering through the enchanting landscape with twists and turns and changes of direction. 

From the deck of a boat you can spot small winegrowing villages, and see the unspoilt nature, impressive hills and cultural sights of the region from a different perspective. Round trips and scheduled tours depart from the Mainlände quay (and car park) in Lohr almost daily. Charter trips can be booked for larger groups. Our staff at the weekly will of course also be delighted to help you plan your boat trip on the Main.